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Streamline your wholesale business, stay organized, increase supplier communication and scale your Amazon business.

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Tools you’ll need for Wholesale on Amazon

Manage your suppliers and their information in one place and keep track of each one as they go from lead to profitable.

Supplier CRM

Quickly view the suppliers you’re waiting to reach out to, the suppliers you’re waiting to hear back from, and more.

Product Tracker

View product analytics that are relevant for wholesale sourcing, and calculate profit based on supplier pricing.


Central Dashboard

Keep track of your sourcing progress each week to see where suppliers fall in your pipeline.

Organize potential suppliers in your pipeline

Keep track of suppliers you’re planning to reach out to and those you’ve already contacted in a quick visual pipeline — opening profitable wholesale accounts is a process.

View the data behind products sold on Amazon

See how well a product is doing with price and rank history, buybox information and existing sellers, and simulate your profit margin with prices that suppliers give you.

Connect products to suppliers and vice versa to see who needs to be reached out to
Save time when switching between multiple suppliers by keeping notes for each one
Have peace of mind with our quick support response time by live chat and email

Start sourcing with Vendrive today

Increase your wholesale account approval rate by staying organized and prepared for the suppliers you reach out to.

Calculate your profit for each product on the fly

Simulate your return on investment with different wholesale prices offered by your suppliers, and factor in shipping rates from the supplier to you and from there to the FBA fulfillment center(s).

Take notes and save files for each of your suppliers

Prepare for each conversation with a manufacturer or distributor, and store the files they send you, such as price lists and applications, in one organized and central location.

Track your wholesale sourcing progress in a dashboard

See which stages your suppliers fall into in your pipeline, and improve your process with that data in mind to increase your wholesale account approval rates.

“We have been using Vendrive since it first began and as a wholesale business owner it has made a huge impact on our startup and has helped our business grow. It saves us a ton of time each week by helping us find and organize wholesale suppliers in an actionable way and also keeps a lot of tools that we had outsourced before, such as fee calculators, product trackers and a CRM, under one roof. No other software we have used has allowed our opinions to be heard for features and improvements, and taken action on in such a responsive way. James and his team are extremely helpful and eager to make this armory of Amazon selling tools more and more comprehensive and beneficial for its users. Vendrive truly is software for Amazon sellers, by Amazon Sellers.”

Travis Moret
Amazon Wholesale Business Owner

“I’ve been using Vendrive for little over a month now. I’m a very organized person when it comes to doing anything, but I found it very hard to stay organized when it came to wholesale, and time consuming as well (who you reached out to, who replied to you, paper work, etc.) It drove me crazy until I found Vendrive. This software gave me peace of mind to be honest. I know exactly where in the process I am with a supplier. No more Excel sheets for me! Vendrive is the way to go.”

Marc Bourbonnais
Amazon Wholesale Business Owner

Perfect Pair for Reverse Wholesale Sourcing

One of the better sourcing strategies for the wholesale model is “Reverse Sourcing”, where you find a product first, then go after the supplier

“As seen on The Wholesale Formula

  1. Look for a Product First

    Find products which have good sales potential, such as ones with a decent number of reviews, which is one possible indication of good sales volume.

  2. Add it to the Product Tracker

    Add the product using the product link or ASIN into the product tracker, and see how the metrics look. Here’s a good article for this step.

  3. Look for Suppliers

    Search for the manufacturer of the product, or a distributor. Once you find one or many, add them to the Pipeline, and link them to the product you added earlier.

A look inside the supplier view of Vendrive CRM.

Marketplace Support for Product Tracker

Your ticket to increased wholesale approval

Stay above the competition by being better prepared when contacting suppliers, and save time by filtering out the more profitable opportunities with the product tracker.

“[Vendrive] saves us a ton of time each week by helping us find and organize wholesale suppliers in an actionable way and also keeps a lot of tools that we had outsourced before, such as fee calculators, product trackers and a CRM, under one roof.”

Travis Moret
Amazon Wholesale Business Owner


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User Spotlight

“Taking our Amazon wholesale business from the six to seven figure revenue mark meant we needed next-level organization, and a streamlined way to keep track of potentially profitable products and their suppliers in a CRM-like environment.”

Berkshire Trade LLC is a rapidly growing wholesale FBA business.

Our values are in transparency and listening to your business.

Having grown our own large scale Amazon operation, we know that not every FBA business is alike — We’ve set out to listen to your feedback and feature requests in our public roadmap throughout the development of Vendrive.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Which marketplaces does Vendrive CRM support?

Vendrive CRM’s supplier functionality will work for any marketplace, although the product tracker feature is only available for the US marketplace at the present time.

I have questions or an issue I need resolved, where do I go?

Start a live chat with us at the bottom right, or send an email to our support team at hello@vendrive.com!

Is my data, including my suppliers and tracked products, secure and private?

Vendrive CRM was built for sellers with confidentiality and data security in mind from the beginning. The privacy policy we’re bonded to and you agree to upon registering ensures that we’re unable to view your specific account data, such as products and suppliers, unless we explicitly ask for permission (during specific support cases) and you explicitly give us that permission in writing.

Is Vendrive better suited towards new or experienced sellers?

Both! Vendrive CRM is an excellent platform for getting started with the wholesale model. It’ll provide a great system from the start which, if followed correctly, will give you the organization to scale incredibly well. For experienced sellers, Vendrive provides a more efficient product sourcing flow, and an extra level of organization to promote further growth of your wholesale FBA business.

Can I cancel my subscription at any time?

Absolutely. You can do this yourself in the billing portal in your account settings, or by emailing us at any time at hello@vendrive.com. We’re sad to see you go, but we understand that business circumstances may change unexpectedly, or the product may not suit you well. We appreciate any and all feedback, so we can continue to improve the product.