Wholesale sourcing covers a small arsenal of unique strategies for consistently finding profitable products. One of those strategies I feel doesn’t get mentioned often enough is Leaf Sourcing – basically finding 5+ other products to source from just one.

Relying on just one sourcing strategy isn’t enough anymore. Now, you’ll need a bit of creativity and various methods to mix things up. Nothing like doing the exact same thing every single day….. No thanks.

If you’re finding it difficult to find enough products each week, this new strategy completely get rid of your pain.

Our secret weapon: The Basics of Leaf Sourcing

Leaf Sourcing allows us to quickly turn the 5 products we’ve found using the Reverse Sourcing strategy and turn those five into another 10 or even 20 more products for us to source.


Step 1 – Find a product that meets your initial sourcing criteria

Let’s take a look at the following product.

leaf sourced wholesale product

This product actually meets our initial sourcing criteria – Amazon isn’t a seller, 3 FBA sellers or more, ect…


Step 2 – Scroll down and find similar products customer purchased

If we scroll down the page, we’ll find a small section titled “Customers who bought this item also bought”.


Leaf Sourcing results

Now, what would you assume the probability of finding similar products that meet our initial criteria are while looking in this section? It’s highly probable.

We find that for every product we Leaf Source from we can find at least 2-3 more in this little section. Think about it, there are 7 pages of similar products. Using the Hover feature of the Keepa Chrome Extension allows me to scan those 7 pages in a few minutes as I first visually filter by price – $20 and up – and then check the Keepa chart that pops up while hovering my mouse over the image of the product I’m looking at.


Step 3 – Repeat until you’re sick of finding profitable products

The great thing about this sourcing strategy is that it’s a never-ending cycle meaning, you’ll never run out of potential products to source. If you initially find 5 products and Leaf Source from those five, you should find another 15 products, bringing your total to 20 potential products.

From here, you can Leaf Source from the products you found by Leaf Sourcing the first time – 15 x 3 = 45. That brings your total products found from just 5 to 45. As I said previously, this process takes minutes, not days. If you manage a full-time job or a family, this strategy can ensure you have a constant flow of suppliers to reach out to each week with ease.

For the math geeks out there, that’s number of products found3

Side Note – This process can be easily outsourced with a Virtual Assistant!

That’s the exact process we use to never run out of wholesale products week after week. If you were struggling to reach out to 10 suppliers each day, that shouldn’t be a problem anymore. Apply this strategy to your current sourcing efforts and watch as you get flooded with applications, pricing sheets, and order forms.

You’re restocking orders are about to increase 10-fold.