It’s been such an interesting year for Vendrive. We’ve grown a lot!

We’ve built an incredible Facebook community of wholesale sellers, released a ton of content and we just scheduled the publication of our 10th podcast episode for the Wholesale Made Easy podcast.

We wanted to highlight our most popular – based on page views and engagement – pieces of content and wrap them into one blog post to celebrate 2018.

Here’s our best content from 2018 in no particular order.

Wholesale on Amazon: The Ultimate Beginner Guide

The biggest issue for many new Amazon sellers is not doing the work but knowing what work to do. In essence, how do you actually find and contact wholesale suppliers?!

Here’s one of the videos from our Wholesale Sourcing blog post

In this blog post, we went incredibly deep on sourcing. Whatever questions you may have on sourcing products is probably answered in this blog post.

I actually went back and updated everything on the post from the design to adding more content that was missing.

If you’re brand new to selling on Amazon, start with this post


5 Techniques To Get Approved by Wholesale Suppliers

Once you know exactly how to find wholesale products to source, you’ll eventually have questions on how to approach suppliers, increase your approval rates, knowing what to say and when, and how to keep adding wholesale accounts each month.


Facebook group member asking a question


I’ve talked with so many suppliers that I realized there were 5 major issues they had while selling to 3rd party sellers.

Understanding these problems and using the 5 Techniques to overcome them will enable you to increase your approval rates overnight while gaining a better perspective from a suppliers point of view.

Once you understand what they want – hint: it’s not your money – you can navigate these conversations like a pro.


How To Double Your Amazon Business In The Next 30 Days Using The Stretch Technique

Now that you’re a wholesale sourcing pro and you’re adding supplier after supplier you’ll need to use a few advanced techniques to maximize your capital spending to keep growing.

I developed The Stretch Technique while hitting a massive ceiling in my business. I wanted to keep growing at a high rate but I was spending capital minutes after it was deposited in my bank account.

There are only 3 ways to grow a wholesale Amazon business: take less money out, put more money in or do both.


figuring out how to double my business spending

Me trying to double my profits in the next two weeks…

For the most part that’s true but with The Stretch Technique, you’re able to use a different strategy to keep growth high without adding new capital – although you should be looking for more capital at the same time.


PPC on Amazon: How To Get Started (Beginners)

I thought everyone knew you could run profitable Pay Per Click campaigns to your wholesale inventory. I was so wrong!

I made a small comment in our Facebook group and was flooded with questions on the topic. Rather than respond to each question directly, I wrote this post not only breaking down why it works with wholesale inventory but how to start running campaigns from start to finish.

Amazon Wholesale PPC Multiple Keywords

You can pay $80 for $6,500 in sales! Why aren’t more people doing this?!

It’s no expert guide – hence the (beginners) part of the title – but it’s enough to get you up and running profitable campaigns without overloading you on advanced strategies that you couldn’t possibly understand without having been able to run a simple campaign to begin with.



We try not to go for fluff at Vendrive. Opting instead for actionable content that you can immediately apply to your business without the feeling of being overwhelmed with so much content you don’t even know where to start.

Our goal is to create as many six and seven-figure wholesale businesses as possible with our platform and content.

We have such an incredible year planned, from new features, new tools (cough: cough:) to a quickly growing podcast.

You may want to buckle up for this next bit…