*for this post we’re not diving into the potential job market decrease or increase as this is a simple thought experiment.

It may not seem like it now, but your business is a tech company.

Think of the tools you currently use that allow you to get more done with less. Not to mention what selling on Amazon allows your company to do with a simple Pro level account.

The world is changing and in my humble opinion, it’s for the good. The barrier to entry is low but the barrier to succeeding has always been high.

Now, it’s getting higher.

That doesn’t mean being an Amazon seller is too saturated and that it’s too late. It means there’s a moat built around your business.

In such a modern world, there will come a crossing point for businesses. That crossing point means more automation, more process streamlining, and optimization using data.

There’s a story passed around when a topic like automation or machines are mentioned:


The Warehouse of the Future


Some will read this quote in a negative way but others (like myself) will read it with joy at the possibilities.

Imagine a business that works like a machine, optimized to near-perfection. Now imagine sitting back and watching it work every single day in pure amazement.

It’s not about being lazy. It’s about understanding how much room for error there can be when people are the decision makers.

As an example, I’ve written about using tools to make better decisions when it comes to handling your restock ordering process.


Automation Means You Can Do More with Less

Automation is amazing when you consider it saves you time and money. As a business owner, I want the effective dose of automation though – you actually can go overboard.

The first taste of this as a business owner was plugging Restock Pro into my restocking workflow. Although Restock Pro isn’t the best tool it saved me 10+ hours each week. A simple investment that paid dividends.

Regardless of the tool or process, we can begin using smart tools to get more done. That’s a major reason we built our AI-based repricing tool.

Automation can be a competitive advantage for any seller. But, you have to view it the right way first.

Something to consider: Amazon uses an algorithm to predict what a consumer might buy. What if a similar algorithm could suggest products you may want to begin selling?

Now we’re talking!

As the cost of automation declines, it will enable Amazon sellers to make more by doing less. Even with smaller budgets.

Consider Siri Shortcuts (formerly Workflow) on iOS which is a mobile automation tool. Every Thursday morning I schedule two emails to go out for our Weekly Live Sourcing sessions.





This task doesn’t take an incredible amount of time but it does take time. Rather than creating these emails and scheduling them myself, I use Siri Shortcuts to do this using my voice (shown above).


Siri Shortcuts Mailchimp Automation Results

Here’s the outcome of the Shortcut in MailChimp.


Imagine the possibilities here…

“Hey Siri, can you place restock orders for me?”


mind blown at the possibilities of the future


I would die of pure happiness if I could do that – it’s possible by the way..

If you’ve watched any YouTube video on automation you’ve likely seen the little robots that Amazon uses to manage inventory in their warehouses.

These robots are expensive (Kiva Systems says their “Startup Kit” of robots costs $1 – $2 million) but someone will make a cheaper version for smaller companies that would allow you to further automate your warehouse operations.

You wouldn’t need 100s or 1,000s like Amazon does but just a handful.


The Everywhere Economy

The Global Economy was the buzzword of late. As we become more connected but more distributed, I’d like to coin a new term – The Everywhere Economy.

It’s becoming possible for remote teams to manage physical operations – remember the man and the dog? The man and the dog could be anywhere in the world and the man can check his phone for any issues.

Previous versions of this for an Amazon seller was using a prep-center and running your business from a laptop. It’s effective but costs a ton in opportunity costs and has its own limitations when it comes to growth.

Soon, you may be able to run your own warehouse without the downsides. You would rarely have to even be there.

I don’t mean just you but any human. You can even automate the cleaning using robots (Roomba on steroids anyone?).

As a company, we get very excited about these ideas. When you consider the potential positive outcomes, the future looks vibrant.

What gets us even more excited is knowing what effect it can have on our user’s success. This means less stress, more money, more freedom, and a competitive business.


Where We’re Going from Here

It’s hard to say if this will be a positive or negative thing. But there’s a ton of opportunity to make this world better.

You may not see it now but your business is sitting on a springboard pulled back waiting for the lever to be pulled.

For most of you, you can actually feel the tension of that spring.

The future will forever hold many secrets but we’re at the precipice of something brand new. What a time to be alive!


Featured Image provided by Vecteezy.